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Our Business Model

We are the dedicated the solar business marketplace matching you to trade opportunities in Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Our mission is to connect solar businesses to solar services buyers and suppliers across the region, ultimately unlocking opportunities that fuel economic prosperity and especially employment opportunities. 

Trade will take Zimbabwe and South Africa forward. Our online marketing brand is not a mere yellow page but a virtual window allowing you to discover new opportunities and search for your solar services needs. 

Our presence stretches across the region from South Africa to Zimbabwe. You will find buyers, suppliers, agents and wholesalers in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Solar services solutions are what we do, importers, exporters, agents, wholesalers or buyers - it boils down to the same thing, business. SMEs and Entrepreneurship.

Quotation Comparison Services: The quote comparison service is free for every user. We, at Think Solar, are financially sustainable through applied fees on the suppliers' end. The commission is a share from the sale of the supplier, as a service for connecting them with new customers.

This process does NOT affect the price for the customers.
Our Business Model - Think Solar

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Think Solar is the leading provider of high-quality solar systems for energy-smart homes in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Our focus is on design integration, superior performance, extreme reliability and 24/7 support services with optimal aesthetics.
On the leading edge of the smart energy revolution, we have accumulated experience and expertise locally in our field.

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Welcome To Think Solar. Think Solar is a leading solar solution provider in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Quality matters in all the work we do. Sales Team
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