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Solar Power In Zimbabwe - Think Solar Fostering Clean Energy!

Zimbabwe, is one of the sunniest and best-irradiated countries in the world, is perfectly suitable for solar energy installations. 

Encouraging alternative power production resources is imperative for the country to reduces its dependence on the national grid, avoid load shedding and power cuts, and provide the possibility to supply communities living and working in remote off-grid areas with reliable power. 

Exploiting the energy from the sun, as an infinite power source, leads to the consistent and sustainable power supply, which consequently supports the growth of a green economy.

Think Solar aims to bring new clean energy services for Zimbabwe by joining the expertise of the solar companies in Zimbabwe. Think Solar delivers turnkey renewable energy services and products, such as the solar energy generation and storage system, the rooftop solar solution, and the intelligent energy management system. 

Think Solar has been working with multiple Zimbabwe-based companies and has already established excellent market penetration and networks, promoting solar solutions through its extensive marketing team based in Zimbabwe.
Solar Power In Zimbabwe - Think Solar Fostering Clean Energy!

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Think Solar is the leading provider of high-quality solar systems for energy-smart homes in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Our focus is on design integration, superior performance, extreme reliability and 24/7 support services with optimal aesthetics.
On the leading edge of the smart energy revolution, we have accumulated experience and expertise locally in our field.

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Welcome To Think Solar. Think Solar is a leading solar solution provider in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Quality matters in all the work we do. Sales Team
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