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How It Works (Get A Quote From Think Solar)

Think Solar Connects You with Professional Solar System Synergies from the Market Leaders in Solar Power and Renewable Energy Solutions in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

How It Works (Get A Quote)
1. Contact Us With Your Requirements: Get in touch with us via our WhatsApp Number on +263 719 187878

2. Site Visit and Quotation: If necessary we will do an on-site assessment and you will get a customized detailed quote based on the best solution we can offer.

3. Installation and After Sales Service: We will connect you with installers who will install at highest industrial standards and maintain and monitor your system in the future.
How It Works (Get A Quote From Think Solar)

What You Get:
From Start to Finish our experts will work with you from start to finish to give you a solar-powered system that suits your exact needs and more.

About Think Solar:
We are here to help you and best match your needs! Whether you are interested in solar energy or solar thermal or simply not sure which option is the best for you. Let us know your needs and we will then contact you to ask some further questions and connect you with our professional suppliers.

You will get non-binding quotes for free!

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+263 719 187878

Other Solar Services Offered: Think Solar connect you with industrial experts in alternative energy solutions for home and industrial use. Think Solar achieves this by offering you the following services:

1. Energy Audits Assessments and Demand Evaluations.
2. Solar System Design and Installations.
2. Solar System Monitoring and Maintenance.
3. Solar Equipment Fix and Supply.
4. Borehole Solar Powered Systems.

We Offer Commercial, Industrial, Residential Solar Systems Services.

We Help You Convert Sunlight Into Energy!
How It Works (Get A Quote From Think Solar)

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Think Solar is the leading provider of high-quality solar systems for energy-smart homes in Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Our focus is on design integration, superior performance, extreme reliability and 24/7 support services with optimal aesthetics.
On the leading edge of the smart energy revolution, we have accumulated experience and expertise locally in our field.

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Welcome To Think Solar. Think Solar is a leading solar solution provider in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Quality matters in all the work we do. Sales Team
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